Strategic Voting 2016 US Presidential Election

Create a viable third party and ensure the election of Hillary Clinton

I’ve received few emails asking about the Canadian federal election last year and the success of the strategic voting campaign. I started to write back my thought regarding the presidential elections in the US, and how strategic voting can cement the position of Secretary Clinton, while in the same time build a viable third party movement that could help push progressive policies through the system.

First, do we really need a progressive viable third party and movement? Below are three quotes from three presidents talking to three different generations and explaining the need for a movement to help them stand to the Republicans and special interests.

FDR: Sidney Hillman was a labor leader, helped president Roosevelt in his campaign. Therefore, he went to the White House and said, here is what you have to do Mr. President, and described what he is asking of FDR. And the story goes that President Roosevelt said: "Sidney I agree with everything in your proposal, it is all exactly right, Now You Just Go Back Home and Make Me Do It."

LBJ: During a discussion between President Lyndon B. Johnson and Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King said his people had already waited too long. President Johnson listened, and said, in effect: "OK. You go out there Dr. King and keep doing what you're doing, and make it possible for me to do the right thing."

Barack Obama: According to Michael Pollan, who quoted Obama while speaking at an environmental event in 2009:"Show me the movement. Make me do it"

So it seems progressives need to light a permanent fire under the Democrats, and what’s better than a viable third option to do the job? That is why an organized voter base can create that movement and ensure that Secretary Clinton will be the next president of the United States.

We know that 23 states with more than 18 million progressive voters voted for President Obama in 2012 will be voting Republican this election. The Democratic nominee Secretary Clinton will not receive one Electoral College vote from any of the 23 states. Organizing the broader progressive vote could be essential in starting a viable third party movement and cement the success of Secretary Clinton. By asking progressives and I mean all progressives to vote for Jill Stein in the 23 red states and voting for Hillary Clinton in the blue and swing states, will lead to a win-win situation.

In an interview with Bob Garfield on NPR’s On the Media, here, I explained the process. Below is one way of accomplishing that.

State Please Vote For
AlabamaJill Stein
AlaskaJill Stein
ArizonaJill Stein
ArkansasJill Stein
CaliforniaHillary Clinton
ColoradoHillary Clinton
ConnecticutHillary Clinton
DelawareHillary Clinton
District of ColumbiaHillary Clinton
FloridaHillary Clinton
GeorgiaJill Stein
HawaiiHillary Clinton
IdahoJill Stein
IllinoisHillary Clinton
IndianaJill Stein
IowaHillary Clinton
KansasJill Stein
KentuckyJill Stein
LouisianaJill Stein
MaineHillary Clinton
MarylandHillary Clinton
MassachusettsHillary Clinton
MichiganHillary Clinton
MinnesotaHillary Clinton
MississippiJill Stein
MissouriJill Stein
MontanaJill Stein
NebraskaJill Stein
NevadaHillary Clinton
New HampshireHillary Clinton
New JerseyHillary Clinton
New MexicoHillary Clinton
New YorkHillary Clinton
North CarolinaHillary Clinton
North DakotaJill Stein
OhioHillary Clinton
OklahomaJill Stein
OregonHillary Clinton
PennsylvaniaHillary Clinton
Rhode IslandHillary Clinton
South CarolinaJill Stein
South DakotaJill Stein
TennesseeJill Stein
TexasJill Stein
UtahJill Stein
VermontHillary Clinton
VirginiaHillary Clinton
WashingtonHillary Clinton
West VirginiaJill Stein
WisconsinHillary Clinton
WyomingJill Stein