Strategic Voting 2008

don't just make a statement make a difference


Update: Sunday October 5th 2008
Divided Majority

The smartest move Mr. Harper made this election was the Psychological Operation (PsyOp) he ran by saying "I think the Canadian public has become more conservative". This I think caused the progressive majority to surrender this election and turn to the American presidential election hoping for better news.

"the Psychological Operation (PsyOp) he ran by saying "I think the Canadian public has become more conservative""

But this is not true. In 2006 federal election 76% of all NDP ballots went to waste, producing zero seats, 50 percent of the Liberal ballots and 100 percent of the Green ballots suffered the same fate.
The combined vote share in the last federal election of all of the three parties was 53 percent of the total ballots, which produced only 43 percent of the total parliament seats. The latest Harris-Decima poll is giving the three parties 52 percent of the total public opinion polls while Nanos Research is giving them 57 percent. This translates – believe or not - to 121 seats which is only 39 percent of the total seats. The result Mr. Harper would love you to believe is due to Canadians growing more conservative. Or is it?

The Centre to Centre-left was always fragmented and it won elections because the right and far-right suffered from the same problem, now that the Canadian Alliance party has completely acquired and devoured the PCs, the Canadian electoral map is left with a very fragmented progressive vote and very concentrated right and far-right vote. This could lead to a conservative majority government with only 36 percent of the popular vote.

The three progressive party leaders except for Elizabeth May are waiting for a miracle to change the opinion polls, unfortunately this is not going to happen as the conservative did not increase their vote share (around 35 percent) it is the Centre that got more fragmented. The solution is very simple; progressives need to vote as a bloc in each and every riding. This will allow for a better share of MPs and will allow for the each party to keep its total vote share. Harper wants you to think that this election is already lost, it is not.

Do not just make a statement, make a difference.