Strategic Voting

don't just make a statement make a difference

Province Quebec
Electoral District Gatineau
Total Ballots Cast 54160
Percentage of Voter Turnout 64.9
Conservative Votes Obtained 9014
Liberal Votes Obtained 16826
NDP Votes Obtained 5354
Green Party Votes Obtained 1456
BQ Votes Obtained 21093
Cumulative Progressive Vote (CPV) 23636
Is P > C or BQ FALSE
With CPV Liberal Votes 23636
With CPV NDP Votes 0
With CPV GP Votes 0
Margin -7.94%
% of Votes by winner 39.25%
Won By  BQ
Using CPV, will go to Liberal
With CPV would go to Liberal
Liberal Votes did not produce Seats 16826
NDP Votes did not produce Seats 5354
GP Votes did not produce Seats 1456
Please Vote:  Liberal


Progressive Parties (P): The three parties that is centre to centre-left (Liberal, N.D.P., and Green Party)
L: Liberal party
GP: Green Party
C: Conservative
BQ: Bloc Québécois
Cumulative Progressive Vote (CPV): The combined vote of (Liberal + NDP + GP)
Margin: Percentage of the progressive party (L, GP or N.D.P) with most votes, minus the higher of the two other major parties (Conservative or BQ) divided by total valid ballots. The smaller the absolute percentage, the higher the probability a riding could switch parties.
P > C or BQ: Was the riding won by any of the 3 progressive parties (True/False)
CPV > C or BQ: Would the CPV have won this riding (True/False)